With over 5 1/2 feet of additional length in the salon/galley over the 435, the 485  lends itself to full time live aboard and extended expedition cruising.  The performance is exceptional with the standard 550 HP Cummins engine and optional 405 HP commercial rated QSL9.  Standard fuel is 640 US gallons giving her a range over 1500 nautical miles.  The 485 comes standard with the all new Sidepower SEP Thruster System.  The bow and stern thruster are variable speed DC giving performance similar to hydraulic thrusters of the same size.  The large engine room is equipped with bright, white surfaces and LED lights to make maintenance more comfortable.  The powerplant is centrally located in the engine room for ease of access to all components.  AGM batteries provide nearly 1000 Ah of capacity while a Northern Lights generator will help charge them back up when away from the dock.  Overall, the 485 appeals to the yachtsman looking to explore beyond the horizon but one who refuse to leave the comforts of home behind.  The seakeeping ability of the proven Lynn Senour designed hulls will keep you calm in the roughest of conditions.  Best of all, this and all American Tugs are built right here in the United States.